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The Minsk-Vilnius railway (Molodechno-Gudogai section) runs through the Smorgon region, with 3 stations and 3 stopping points and a small section of the Molodechno-Lida railway. The main highway M7 (Minsk - Oshmyany - border of the Republic of Lithuania) runs in the south of the district,
which is part of the European route E28 (Berlin - Minsk) and branch B of the Pan-European transport corridor IX. In addition, republican highways pass through the territory of the district: P63 Borisov - Vileika - Oshmyany P95 Lyntupy - Svir - Smorgon - Krevo - Golshany P106 Molodechno - Smorgon;
entrance to the city of Smorgon Medical services to the residents of the district are provided by the health care institution "Smorgon Central District Hospital". The education system of Smorgon region is represented by 29 educational institutions. Provision of housing and communal services,
improvement of the territory of the district is carried out by the Smorgon District Unitary Enterprise "Housing and Communal Services" and the Communal Unitary Enterprise "Housing Repair and Maintenance Service of the Smorgon District". Maintenance and repair of service roads is carried out by road repair
construction department № 134 of the municipal design, repair and construction unitary enterprise "Grodnoobldorstroy".
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