Smorgon district occupies over 1.5 thousand square meters. km. or 5.9% of the total area of ​​the Grodno region. Forests grow on 38% of the district's territory - the largest area is occupied by pine forests, spruce forests are widespread in the north and west of the district, birch groves, oak groves, alder and aspen forests are occasionally found.
The largest forest area is located on the left bank of the Viliya, north of Smorgon. The area of ​​agricultural land is 60.0 thousand hectares, of which - arable land 35.6 thousand hectares. The qualitative assessment of agricultural land is 29.1 points, arable land - 31.5 points. All rivers and reservoirs on the territory of the Smorgon region belong to the Neman river basin,
and in its composition - to the Baltic Sea basin. Most of them belong to the basin of the largest tributary of the Neman, the Viliya River, which flows in the central part of the region. The reservoirs of the southern part of the district belong to the basin of the Berezina River, which flows in a small section (0.9 km) of the border with the Volozhin District.
The largest lakes in the region - Svir and Vishnevskoe, are located on the north-eastern border of the region. The largest artificial reservoir is the Rachun reservoir, built in 1959 for energy purposes (the Rachun hydroelectric power station was operating) on ​​the Oshmyanka river. Swamps occupy 3.8% of the territory. There are 10 deposits of sand and
gravel material (reserves of 5.6 million tons), 4 deposits of clay and loam (7.5 million tons), 25 deposits of peat (11.4 million tons).